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     The Matrix is a hyper-realistic action fantasy movie that demands that we question reality as we accept it. It does not make any claims as to what reality really is, nor who God is, nor any other definitive conclusions about our own world. It is a pure fantasy film that does inspire us to question everything we take for granted. It is a rock'em sock'em action flick that totally blew me and my friends away the first time we saw it.

     I remember reading stories in the Star Wars Official Fan Club magazine about people that shared their story about the first time they saw the original Star Wars and were totally stunned and amazed at the awesome special effects and far out story of the struggle of good verse evil. I felt the same way the first time I saw this movie. I have seen a lot of science fiction in my days and this movie had the best special effects I have ever encountered.

     Some of my friends and I went into this movie without a clue as to what to expect. Boy were we surprised! We sat front row center because that was all that was left, one month after it's initial relase! If you want the true experience too, do NOT look at these screen shots. They are here as a momento, and I recommend going into this movie completely cold.

If you've already seen it, here are some screen shots from the movie...

Push play to hear a short clip from the trailer:

Another really cool movie that is a good parallel to The Matrix is Ghost in the Shell. I really really like this movie, even though it is not in English. It is Japanese, and there are more references to GIS in Matrix than you can count. Check out this page I made, code named Project 2501.

Check out this appropriate java thingy I found!

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Unfortnuately, the Wachowski brothers totally disappointed me with the third installment, and I was not pleased with the sequel either. The original was a classic case of virtual and altered reality, but the second and especially the third went too far. The sex scene and repulsive language in Reloaded was totally uncalled for, and Neo's special... well you know if you've seen it... in the third is not a revelation it is rediculus.

If for some reason you really care about the movies I like, check out my favorite movie of all time.

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