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no im not obsessive:)


My office is located on deck 1 of the Federation Starship registry NCC-1701-D. For security reasons I may not disclose the name of the ship to the general public. My other office is located on deck 76 (right next to some kind of room with a lot of maps in it) of Babylon 5, the Earth Aliance space station in the Epsilon System. If I am not at either of my offices, you will find me in the Iowa City Old Capitol Mall on Earth, where I will be trying to watch the new STAR WARS TRILOGY in what they call movie theaters here.


Electronic Communication
note: I don't use this account. If you really want to contact me, you should know my personal e-mail address on the MSN.
But I will check this "cs" acount every now and then.

Physical Communication
David Christy
Department of Computer Science
15 MLH
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242-1419
Earth Aliance Homeworld
Note, care packages may also be sent in envelopes filled with moeny! :)

Audio Communication
voice: If you are female, human (as oposed to Klingon or Wookie), and especially if your name is Katie, feel free to call me anytime of the day, except you might wake up my nice non-drug-doin' roommate, Terry, who gets to sleep all morning on some school days :( Oh yeah, I'm never home (as I'm sure my bestest friend will confirm) so please leave a message on the machine :)

My Hello to the World!

I want to take this space to brag about myself, who has "mastered" the workings of HTML code in just under half an hour, without even using one line of help from a book or file :)
I also wish to take this space to say Hi to all my friends, since I've never been able to make them world reknown before, even thought no one will read this. So here, to you who are reading this, is a salute to my friends:
Hi Katie, Andy, Becki, Mom, Dad, Craig,
_____Pete, Travis, Dave, Steve, Ken, Nate, Andy,
__________Mark, Mike, Tammy (who doesn't like Star Wars!),
_______________Mea (who has never seen Star Wars), Alex, Eric, Janet,
____________________Sandy, Evan, Laurie, Matt, Jerimia, Matt,
_________________________and to the unknown girl named Stephanie who I'll probably never meet again from the first day of Rhetoric 2 class... (if I forgot you, you haven't bought me anything really expensive recently enought, hint, hint ;))

Hey check out the links! I know, everyone has them, what's so special about these? I like them of course:) The B5 homepage: Meg Golden's ISN site: The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 Eppisode List: Star Trek - The Next Generation Central:
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David Christy (dchristy@cs.uiowa.edu)

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