Fun Shuttle Photos

But wait, is there more?...

Description: Shuttle Columbia disappears in the morning clouds.

On mouse over effect: invert (IE4.0)
Description: The space shuttle Atlantis takes off at night and leaves behind a beautiful trail of light.

On mouse over effect: blur (IE5.5)

Description: Shuttle Columbia lifts off towards the clouds.

On mouse over effect: ¼ opacity (IE5.5)
Description: Shuttle Columbia prepares to launch.

On mouse over effect: pixelate (IE5.5)

Description: Shuttle Endevour looking back at the Earth.

On mouse over effect: wave (IE4.0)
Description: Shuttle docked with MIR.

On mouse over effect: flip horizontal (IE4.0)

Description: Lift off!.

On mouse over effect: fade (IE5.5)

No, I did not take any of these photos myself. All of them were copied from the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day website.

OK now let's compare those filters with the same grahpic.

Requires at least IE4.0
Linear Blur (left) Linear Blur (right) Invert Gray Mask Vertical Flip Horizontal Flip Shadow Drop Shadow Glow Wave
Requires at least IE5.5
Gausian Blur Opacity Fade Linear Fade Radial Fade Grayscale Pixelate Drop Shadow Shadow Glow Invert Rotate Wave
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